• Unlocking Clean Energy Innovation For European Communities

    Bringing PACE to Europe

  • Benefits of PACE

    PACE is a voluntary financing program that offers local residents an opportunity to use an innovative financing instrument to upgrade their properties. PACE programs create virtuous circles in the local economy by deploying local capital, employing local labor, and improving comfort of the residents.

    Local Governments

    an instrument for economic development and job creation​

    • Achieving COP21 policy goals with no additional public debt
    • Creating local jobs and increasing demand for skilled building professionals
    • Helping fight "energy poverty" by lowering energy bills for the vulnerable populations


    a secure scalable product and a source of green bonds​

    • Offers a secure repayment stream and uses a familiar property tax structure
    • PACE is a source of asset-backed Green Bonds 

    Homeowners and commercial clients

    a 100% financing linked to the property

    • 100% up-front financing, repaid over 20 years, making long-term payback projects possible
    • Results in improved comfort and lowered utility bills
    • Customer-Centeric Consumer Protection Policies

    Energy Services Professionals

    a financing tool that help win a bigger job

    • Empowers contractors to complete larger projects with longer payback period
    • Training programs that open new opportunities for skilled and unskilled labor force

    European Citizens

    a public-private partnership creating resilient communities ​

    • Improved building result in more connectivity, safety, and improved standard of living
    • Energy efficiency retrofits reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality
  • Global PACE Market

    PACE is a flexible financing tool that can be adapted to a variety of political, legal and economic landscapes. While PACE financing was pioneered in the US, it was successfully implemented in Canada and Australia.

    The following market data is provided by www.PACENation.org

    $ 3.6B

    PACE-funded projects

    Over 33,000

    Jobs Created

    More than 132,000

    Homes Upgraded

    Nearly 1000

    Commercial Buildings Upgraded

  • Our mission is to bring PACE financing to Europe

    Building the EuroPACE Coalition

    We believe that as a group we have more influence, a broader reach, and power to effect change – in this case, bring PACE to Europe. The coalition will consist of leaders from both public and private sector committed to exploring PACE-like financing solutions for Europe.

    Improving Building Stock Through PACE projects

    GNE Finance is uniquely positioned to be the first PACE provider in Europe. We are working closely with municipalities and capital providers to pilot residential PACE programs.

  • Contact Us!

    Please reach out to us if you are interested to get involved. Let's work together to achieve a clean energy transition in Europe.