• Innovating building renovation for Europe

  • At GNE Finance, we want to be part of the solution to global climate challenges.

    We believe that it is time to invest in comfortable and energy efficiency buildings that benefit bothe the environment and people living, working and studying indoors.




    Home and commercial building renovation can be stressful and complicated. We want to make it easier, faster and more reliable for ALL EUROPEANS.







  • We Designed EuroPACE

    PACE + Europe = EuroPACE

    EuroPACE is an innovative building improvement platform that is uniquely positioned to boost energy efficiency investment in homes and commercial buildings.


    EuroPACE contributes to the creation of resilient and vibrant communities that enjoy economic growth and healthy environments.


    EuroPACE impact goes far beyond energy savings. Each Euro invested in building renovations results in societal and economic benefits, including job creation and climate change abatement.

  • Together with 7 Partners, We Are Leading the EuroPACE Project


    Recipient of a €2.4 Million Grant by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme

  • The concept of EuroPACE is inspired by the success of an on-tax financing model called PACE, launched in California in 2008.


    In the U.S., PACE can be used to pay for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation upgrades to homes and buildings. PACE financing covers up to 100% of a project’s costs and is repaid as a special assessment added to a property tax bill over a term of up to 20 years.


    EuroPACE adopts best practices from the US PACE market and intends to further enhance its reach, scope, and overall impact well beyond the American experience.

  • Market Leaders Recognize the Potential of EuroPACE

    EuroPACE is an instrument for economic development and job creation​ for cities and regions. At the same time it is a secure scalable investment product that can be a source of green bonds​.

  • “EuroPACE project will address the barriers to energy efficiency and test practical solutions. It is a great first step to introducing PACE type mechanisms into Europe and everyone with an interest in accelerating the uptake of energy efficiency should be following its progress closely.”

    Dr. Steve Fawkes, Managing Partner, EnergyPro Ltd & Senor Adviser, Investor Confidence Project.

    "Household energy efficiency improvements are vital to cut energy bills, create jobs as we upgrade — as well as helping to deliver the 40% of Europe’s emission reductions that need to come from the built environment. This project will be an important contributor.”

    Sean Kidney, CEO of Climate Bonds Initiative

    "EuroPACE makes energy efficiency affordable, democratic, and competitive. It has the potential to fast track home owners in Europe to accessing finance for energy efficiency upgrades."

    Jessica Stromback, Chair of Joule Assets Europe

  • We Are Part of a Global PACE Market

    PACE is a flexible financing tool. It was pioneered in the US and then successfully implemented in Canada and Australia, with efforts underway in South Africa and China.

    $ 5 Billion

    PACE-funded projects

    Over 40,000

    Jobs Created

    More than 175,000

    Homes Upgraded

    More than 1,100

    Commercial Buildings Upgraded

    Market data courtesy of www.PACENation.org

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