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    Dear Municipal Leaders,

    We welcome your active participation in the EuroPACE project pursuing Horizon 2020 funding. Throughout the project, we would like to empower cities, counties and regions to learn about the benefits of PACE programs, explore options for local PACE programs, and even implement pilots. Join a growing group of municipalities to participate in peer-to-peer learning sessions, technical forums, and webinars about PACE implementation. Energy agencies and regional governments are encouraged to join as well.


    Globally, nearly 3,000 municipalities have active PACE programs that result in local job creation, economic stimulus, improved homes and commercial buildings, and reduced CO2 emissions.


    Throughout the EuroPACE project, we will conduct a detailed market analysis and based on the legal & fiscal framework in your country and region, market conditions, political structure, and your local management, your municipality may be selected as one of the few Leader Cities.

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