• We are leaders in leveraging finance to deliver innovative solutions that maximize social and environmental impact while delivering sustainable returns to capital providers.

  • Scale is a result of focus on individual social engagement

    GNE Finance works with cities and regions to make home renovation Easy, Affordable and Fair


    Inspire Action

    Homeowners are always at the center so campaigns speak directly to their needs.


    Create Trust

    Partnerships with cities and energy agencies create trust and ensure quality.


    Provide Support

    Trained energy experts offer technical support and advice throughout the process.


    Finance Fairly

    Affordable financing and fast approvals to help close the deal.

  • GNE's approach simplifies the home renovation process into one digital, cloud-based platform, which can be used by contractors, architects, and local governments

    Historically, the home renovation process was time-consuming and paperwork-intensive for contractors, lenders, homeowners, local compliance agencies and architects

  • Digital platform

    GNE's platform provides the interface for structuring home renovation projects and streamlining ongoing management and reporting

    Cloud-based secure platform offering automated customer lending

    Investment and project performance brought together under one roof

    Covers full lending cycle from origination to servicing and reporting

    Investors have access to regular reports, investment volume/type and impact data

    Digital help desk and call center to support customers along the renovation journey

  • Typical Loan Characteristics

    • Loan for up to 100% of the project's costs 
    • Multi-family and single-family properties are eligible 
    • Long term financing for up to 2o years
    • Eligible measures: energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, including green roofs, fuel cells, batteries, and other innovative improvements. 

  • A Consumer Perspective

    Homeowners value non-financial attributes of financing:

    • Simplicity and speed of the process
    • Support along the renovation journey (technical assistance in project design, advice on improvements, etc.)
    • Affordable monthly payments
    • Trusted contractors and verified project results

  • Opportunity

    GNE Finance is setting up financing instruments in various European regions. Interested impact investors and financiers, please submit the form below.