• High Impact Pledge

    The impact of GNE Finance projects goes far beyond energy savings

  • GNE Finance commits to maximize social, environmental and economic impact

    Programs invest in built environment renovation in European cities and regions

    Financing tools need to deliver scale and respond to the needs of all Europeans by providing affordability, long-terms, ease of access, digital & fast approvals.


    National, regional, and local governments play a key role in enabling and supporting home renovation programs.

    Three Keys to Impact


    The clean energy transition must maximize social, environmental, and economic impact.
    The clean energy transition must be fair, comprehensive, and inclusive to bring benefits to all Europeans, cementing Europe’s leadership in fighting the climate change.
    Home renovation is not just private business but a public priority. Cities, regions, and local public administrations should play a key role in enabling and supporting home upgrades.

    Three Components of Impact Pledge

    1. Work to achieve high impact renovation. 
    2. Contribute to the creation of resilient and vibrant communities that enjoy economic growth and healthy environment.
    3. Work with public authorities to design & implement home renovation programs and provide affordable, people-centric financing.

  • Healthy Communities

    GNE Finance programs foster environmentally and economically resilient, vibrant and healthy, communities

    Global change starts at home

    Each € invested in building renovations results in societal, economic and environmental benefits, including improvement of health, well-being, job creation, and climate change abatement.

    Engaging people every step of the way

    GNE's holistic approach to stakeholder engagement involves: raising awareness, training and education for vulnerable workers, volunteer organizing and people-centric digital support.

  • Social, Environmental and Economic Impact

    GNE Finance delivers value to European citizens, cities, regions, and investors and works with partners to project, measure and report social, environmental and economic impact

    Social Impact

    • Home renovation results in improved health, wellbeing, and comfort  while simultaneously decreasing national healthcare costs. 
    • Home renovation can positively impact 11 million Europeans who live in energy poverty by lowering their energy bills.

    • GNE Finance programs also contribute to community regeneration by making homes and apartment buildings more livable, attractive, by engaging with local stakeholders through volunteering and training.

    Environmental Impact

    • Home renovation can reduce the energy consumption of residential buildings by improving insulation, windows & doors, heating, cooling equipment, lighting, and more.
    • Reduced energy consumption saves tons of CO2 and brings us closer to meeting the Paris Agreement targets. 

    Economic Impact

    • Home renovation programs help revitalize local economies through an injection of capital that is spent locally. 
    • Investments in home improvement create local jobs and services in the construction industry for both highly skilled and low-skilled workers
    • Investing €1 million in upgrading the energy efficiency of the building stock results in the creation of 19 new direct jobs in the construction sector.  
  • Fairness, Effectiveness & Viability

    Serve the entire economic spectrum, with appropriate environmental targets and sustainable financing instruments

    Subsidies, grants, technical and fiscal support is needed to ensure that the clean energy transition is just and fair and addresses the needs of vulnerable groups. Volunteer and retraining programs help maximize the social impact.

    Environmental targets for home renovation must be mandatory and in line with the Paris Agreement and 2050 goals. Indoor and outdoor air quality can be impacted by home and building renovation.

    Effective financing instruments are needed to increase the investments in building renovation. Job creation and local economic activity are important impacts that should be considered alongside investment volumes.

  • Aligned with Sustainable Development Goals

    Energy-efficient and healthy homes and apartment buildings contribute to meeting several Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.


    GNE Finance solutions are aligned with the following Sustainable Development Goals: 3, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 15, and 17.